Supporting the delivery of corrected vision and eye glasses…everywhere


Foundation Beautiful Vision International

Beautiful Vision International is a charitable foundation that supports projects working to deliver corrected vision to those in need. We facilitate the distribution of eye glasses, and we work to raise awareness about the negative impacts of uncorrected visual impairment. Beautiful Vision International awards grants and provides training and support to promising projects and organisations anywhere.


The Problem


This is the number of people in the world for whom uncorrected visual impairment reduces quality of life and limits personal potential...unnecessarily.

90% live in developing countries
43% of avoidable blindness is due to uncorrected refractive errors

As the leading cause of visual impairment and avoidable blindness,
near- and far-sightedness has more effects than simply impaired vision.

It negatively affects...

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...the learning and educational achievement of young people.

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...the earnings and employment opportunities for middle-aged people.


...the ability to remain independent and productive for elderly people.


...the general safety and mobility of all people.


...and the economic development of entire nations.