corrected vision to those in need

Beautiful Vision International supports individuals and organisations working to deliver eye glasses to those in need. 

Provision and Distribution of Glasses
We support projects and organisations that provide corrective eyeglasses to people in need, young and old. We donate readers, adjustable focus glasses, and custom-made glasses.


Research and Development
We support research into technologies that enable the most efficient and cost-effective delivery of corrected vision. We assist organisations in creating innovative means for 'last mile' distribution of eye glasses.


Education and Awareness
We support those working to educate others about the importance of vision care and vision correction. And we strive to help spread knowledge about the massive scope of the problem, and the impacts it has on the individual and society as a whole.


We support the training of vision screeners (including teachers, nurses and community health workers), as well as eye health professionals.


Eye Camps
We support eye camps which provide vision and eye healthcare to underserved communities.

What are adjustable focus glasses?

Adjustable focus glasses are a revolutionary technological innovation. They were invented following years of research and development, during which time the ideas of a Nobel prize winning experimental physicist (Dr. Luis Alvarez) were applied, new industrial production technologies were developed, and an ingenuous adjustment mechanism was patented. 

The FocusSpec® is a low-cost, universal, variable focus spectacle that corrects presbyopia (‘old eyes’) and hyperopia (far-sightedness) with a power range of +0.5 to +4.5 dioptre, and myopia (near-sightedness) at a range between -1.0 and -5.0 dioptre. Each individually adjustable lens consists of two inversely-shaped optical elements, placed exactly behind one another. The strength of each lens changes by shifting the two elements relative to each other.

With such an extensive dioptric range, the FocusSpec® corrects 90% of all refractive errors. In addition, its ease of use means that a lay person can be trained quickly to perform vision screening for others, and then instruct them in the adjustment and fitting of the spectacles. Since the glasses can always be adjusted, more than one person can share a single pair of glasses; and young people can strengthen the power of the lenses as their vision changes over time.

buy one – give one

Why not try a pair of our FocusSpec® adjustable glasses and donate one to a person in need. Through our Buy One Give One program, Beautiful Vision International will guarantee the delivery of a second pair of glasses to a child in Africa. Make your spare pair his or her first pair!